02 April 2012

Lazy Roasted-Chicken Soup

Soup is the number one comfort food for so many people during the cold winter months. Unfortunately, I do not live in a cold climate (hello, Florida), nor is it winter time in the US, but soup still remains as a true soul food for me. 

With so much to do, I haven't had time to go grocery shopping. Tomorrow I'll take on that task, but for now, I needed to use up all the veggies in my fridge. 

The original plan was to prepare some sort of Vegetable Soup, but I had some leftover Rotisserie Chicken that needed to be used.

It quickly turned into a everything-in-the-fridge- soup. I kept adding vegetables and even a piece of cooking ham. It all turned out wonderful. With the addition of fresh cilantro on top, all the flavors married together.

The real secret here is the Parmesan rind. You know the dried part of the cheese? Don't throw it away. Freeze it, then add a small piece to any soup, risotto or slow cooked dish that could benefit from that extra flavor.


Last week my recipe for Lazy Veggie Pot Pie was featured on Culinary.net by Sarah Aylward. Go take a look at the article to also see another recipe for pot pie.  

To keep with the 'lazy' theme, make sure to prepare this soup recipe. Don't be intimidated by the long list of ingredients. You can use whatever vegetables and meats you have in the fridge. Keep the pot covered while cooking so there is not much water evaporation. Four cups of stock are enough, add a bit more if you like a 'brothier' soup. 

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(serves two)

4-5 cups of Vegetable Stock (start with 4, add more as you go)

2 big Celery Stalks

2 Garlic Cloves

2 big Carrots

1 small Red Potato

1 big Corn Cob

6 Spanish Olives

4-6 small pieces of Pumpkin (about an inch)

1/2 cup of frozen Sweet Peas

3/4 cup of shredded, leftover Roasted Chicken

3 ounces of Cooking Ham
fresh Cilantro leaves

1 Parmesan rind (about one inch cube)

-Chop all the veggies into bite size pieces. Throw everything except for the chicken and sweet peas in a pot and cook until the veggies are tender.

-Add the chicken, parmesan rind and sweet peas and simmer for 3-5 more minutes.

-Top with fresh cilantro and serve.


Jesica @ Pencil Kitchen said...

I personally love a little amount of meat in my soups! No matter the amount of heaps of veges, a bit of meat is always appreciated. :p
and maybe purple potatoes.

MyFudo™ said...

I love that this recipe can make use of leftover chicken. Great idea! Delicious too...

Bryan and YiRan said...

That looks really beautiful - nice photos! Love long cooked veggies.

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