27 January 2012

Breakfast Salad


It's raining today here at the land

I'm staring at the cows through my bedroom window. They're eating (and pooping) at their heart's content. Some of them are just laying in the grass, enjoying the cold rain, while soaking up some sun that's still coming through the clouds.

I'm feeling as lazy as them. 


To give myself a jump start, I prepared a healthy breakfast in the form of a deconstructed Egg Salad Sandwich. 

It's healthier than the sandwich version because there is no mayo. It does require a bit of preparation, but if you have an extra 20 minutes, this is so worth it. Perfect for a fancier Sunday breakfast.

Serve with coffee or black tea with cream and sugar. 


I like nature colors when it rains. Everything looks like it was taken out of an old west movie.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(serves two)

You'll need...

4 Hard Boiled Eggs, cut in half
2 cups of Baby Spinach, washed and dried
4 slices of toasted and buttered Pumpernickel Bread, cut into one inch pieces
Salt and Pepper
Olive Oil

-Simply arrange everything in a plate, then sprinkle with some salt and pepper to taste. A drizzle of olive oil would be good as well.


Torviewtoronto said...

beautiful pictures and salad

Yadira said...

Buen provecho! Mira, quería preguntarte. Te está gustando estar allá? Te deseo lo mejor del mundo.

Reem | Simply Reem said...

You call it a breakfast salad, I can eat this anytime of the day....
Lovely pictures as always.

Nicole @ Bake Me Blush said...

The salad looks delicious, and that landscape is gorgeous. It looks like you're living my dream life right now...

MyFudo™ said...

Beautiful pictures...I would love to try this breakfast salad too. Looks easy to make and the flavors combined is awesome. Great post!

{Epicurean Mom} said...

This recipe looks fantastic! And your pictures are beautiful!!

Russell at Chasing Delicious said...

Gorgeous shots! And this is my kind of salad. Yum x 10!

Otehlia said...

Yum! and what beautiful pictures. I love salad for breakfast with my eggs. glad to see I'm not the only one~

Galexi Cupcakes said...


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