05 December 2011

Veggie Pasta Bake


~Forgot to mention that I am now on Flickr. You can find me here.~ 

Quick recipe on a rainy day with so much to do.

I got about an hour for lunch today. It would be easier to just eat out but I really wanted to photograph this dish.

I had been planning a Veggie Pasta Bake since last week when my brother gave me the idea. Today was the perfect day for that. 

During cold rainy days it's best to eat something warm and comforting. 

Just mix a few fresh veggies with good marinara sauce to get a flavorful and healthy lunch. 


Cooking Rookie said...

Gorgeous shot! I just had to take a picture of a pasta dish for my latest post, and found it very challenging ;-). I wish my pic looked half as good as your!

Divya said...

Nothing better than a pasta bake on a rainy day! Looks delicious!

skippysays said...

This look so comforting and delicious!

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