12 December 2011

Meatless Mondays: Mushroom Stroganoff with Spinach & Sundried Tomatoes for Two

A delicious lunch in under 30 minutes. 

Should Meatless Mondays be 'Vegan Mondays'? I wasn't sure, maybe I'm breaking a few rules. Either way, this recipe is delicious and is ready in under thirty minutes. Rachel Ray style!

It works well with fresh tomatoes as well. Scatter them on top of the pasta along with the fresh baby spinach. The veggies will wilt in the warm, creamy sauce.


On another note: If you have a chance, read this very interesting article, 'On the impracticality of a cheeseburger'. It's not about vegetarianism, don't worry. It's about the reasoning behind what we eat. I should start making a few changes to my own diet. 

Here is an excerpt:

 'A cheeseburger cannot exist outside of a highly developed, post-agrarian society. It requires a complex interaction between a handful of vendors—in all likelihood, a couple of dozen—and the ability to ship ingredients vast distances while keeping them fresh. The cheeseburger couldn’t have existed until nearly a century ago as, indeed, it did not.'



Anonymous said...

Thank you! I think I'm going to take a spin on this idea. Did a super rich pork dish like this that had creme fraiche and loads of grainy mustard, but cooking healthier now, so I'm thinking: fat free Greek yogurt for the sauce, add in the mustard for zing, maybe omit the tomatoes (not sure if they'd work with the mustard). Nice change-up from the same-old with pasta!

Yadsia @ShopCookMake said...

Thanks for the tip. It didn't occur to me to use yogurt instead of sour cream.

Loveforfood said...

that sure looks delicious.

rabbittrick said...

This is such a darling little photography and recipe! Beautiful. Definitely something I want to have right now!

rabbittrick said...

This is such a darling photograph and lovely recipe! Definitely something I'm craving right now

Anonymous said...

Your blog is almost identical to Canelle et Vanille

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