31 December 2011

Fruit Cake - 364 Days After...

When I moved ShopCookMake to Blogger 364 days ago, I never thought it would take me this far.

I started blogging on Wordpress in November 2010. After almost two uneventful months, and realizing how hard it was to keep a food blog alive, I decided to move to Blogger. In early February, I tried to quit. Two weeks later I was back, couldn't keep away for two long. Every time I felt I wasn't good enough, a reader would leave me an uplifting comment, reminding me who I was doing this for.

The most nerve wrecking moment was the time I decided to tell my family and friends about this venture. You see, I kept it a secret for almost ten months. The fact that they were proud, kept me going forward.   

Sure, I wanted a pretty little blog like the ones I was following. But I never thought it would be so hard. No one thinks of how much learning, work, sweat and tears (literally) it takes to build a successful blog, unless they've done it themselves. Do I think I've built a successful blog? Well, it's running smoother now.

It took me a year and four different cameras, to get my photography to where it is today. From this to this, there is a long stretch. I can only imagine where I'll be in a year from now.

A year ago, I could only fantasize about my pictures being published in the big food porn sites, never imagining that there was an even bigger food world out there. My pictures and recipes have been featured in online magazines, the same ones I had been reading for years. That, I think, was my biggest accomplishment.

Of course, I could not have done this without the readers. Those who subscribe to my feed and follow this blog, you're the best. Without readers, there wouldn't be a blog. I still remember when I had only one follower, and the excitement when it hit 50. I still get a rush when I see the numbers go up. Tonight, this year is closing with 189 followers and over a hundred feed subscribers. That's a lot of eyes reading my posts and looking at my pictures.  


My 'blog resolutions' for 2012 are only two:

-Learn how to take even better pictures
-Develop my signature prose

Anything else that happens, is icing on the cake.

With this recipe for Fruit Cake, I leave you until next year. Wishing you all the best life can offer you.



meesch said...

I LOVE your blog and you take the most inventive food photos - keep it up!

Torviewtoronto said...

lovely cake
happy new year

Bite and Sip said...

I love your blog and really see you growing! Great job! Happy new year! I am surprised you had kept this blog from your family. Didn't they notice you taking pics?

TheYummyMorsel said...

Lovely cake and pics. Happy New Year!

Karisha {Ruborosa Blog} said...

Awesome! The cake looks oh so yummy! Love everything about your blog, but you know that! ; )

Lots of growth and loveliness for 2012.

Un abrazooote!

beti said...

it looks delicious and I love your photos, the light in them is simply amazing

Platanos, Mangoes & Me! said...

Just came upon your blog and I like your posts.

I have become a follower and look forward to receiving your posts in the future.

Platanos, Mangoes and Me!

Karina said...

Your blog is very unique, which is hard to come by in the massive amounts of food blogs out there. I've been away for a while and love the changes you've made! Beautiful photos, great recipes. I'm glad you didn't quit!

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