08 November 2011

Camera Testing: Salted Warm Pears

Last night I went on a Tweeting frenzy as soon as I got home with my new camera. It's not the best, most amazing camera. In fact, I got a lower end DSLR, a Canon Rebel T3. But I did buy an amazing macro lens (Canon 100mm f/2.8), which is not here yet. I ordered it on Amazon, it should be here by tomorrow. For now, I'm just playing with the lens it came with. Please excuse the incorrectly exposed images for the next few days (and slightly out of focus).

This change has been in the making for over a year. I'm so exited that finally I got a better camera. The fact that I have no idea how to use it, is another post.

I kept it simple for this post. This was my morning snack. A simple Salted Warm Pear. Nothing fancy, just slice a Pear, warm it a bit in the oven, (or poach it in some water and honey for 5 minutes) then sprinkle Fleur de Sel and Oregano (or Mint) on top. Yes, Oregano, it contrasts very well with the sweetness of the fruit. 


Vanessa said...

This droolo-worthy. Cute styling too!

Nikki J said...

Hi, I just made this (eating it as I... nomnomnom... write...) and it is really delicious! Thanks so much for the recipe! I love how simple this is to prepare and how all the delicate flavors meld together so perfectly.

ps - all the photos on your site are so lovely!

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