25 October 2011

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I’ve never been to the beautiful Dominican Republic, but having lived my entire life so close to it (Puerto Rico), I’ve had the pleasure of tasting most of their classic dishes. Mangú is one of them, probably the most well known Dominican dish (and definitely my favorite). It’s made by mashing green (unripe) plantains and traditionally eaten for breakfast.

A friend from high school first introduced me to it. Her mom used to add vinegar to the plantains themselves before mashing, which gave them that extra kick of flavor that I craved the most. Years later, another Dominican friend told me that the vinegar is optional, but should always be added to the onions instead.

Different variations exist. Some people add bacon or chopped salami to it. Other people mix the onions right in, adding a splash of vinegar to the mix. 

When it comes to fat, I prefer a fat free version (girls, right?), but you can either add some butter or olive oil to make it smoother and more flavorful. One thing that can’t be missing from your plate is a fried egg on the side.

I had been planning to post this recipe for a while, but there's never enough Mangú left to take some pictures. A post from Aunt Clara's Kitchen inspired me to finally make some and not eat the whole thing before photographing the dish. 


Vicki Bensinger said...

What an interesting dish. Imy first thought was the addition of vinegar was to keep the plantains from turning brown. I can't imagine what it must taste like but I'd definitely like to try it. Thanks for sharing.

Divya Yadava said...

I love global recipes that aren't common since it gives me the opportunity to try something completely new. This dish sounds like a great way to eat plantains!

kankana said...

This reminds me of a dish i ate long back. My friend's sister used to make something similar but there was no vinegar. Funny how a similar looking dish has so many diff names :)

Heather Jacobsen said...

I've never come across mashed green plantains before! How wonderful. I always buy ripe plantains and went until they are as black as can be before I cook them. Can't wait to try this new dish!

~:Dulcimiel:~ said...

I grew up eating mangu. Born in DR this was an everyday staple. Plantains are an everyday icon, mangu for breakfast or dinner, or fried with lunch. Love the many things you can eat mangu with. Fried eggs, fried salami, fried cheese. Did I mentioned anything fried? Love my platanos. :-)

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