29 August 2011

How to prepare Cold Brewed Coffee & Iced Latte Recipe

How I spent 29 years of my life without knowing that Cold Brewed Coffee existed, I will never understand. But I'm glad I finally found it.
I've been testing my new found love for Iced Lattes in the morning, for the past two weeks. The process takes longer, but it's not as time consuming as it sounds.

Why not simply make regular coffee and wait until it cools down? Cold brewed coffee lacks the acidity and bitterness that hot brewed coffee has. It's the best option for people who suffer from acid reflux.  

Simply soak 1 cup of coffee (I use espresso) in three cups of water for at least 8 hours in the fridge, the strain it. Pour it over ice and add some sweetener. That's it!

You can add more water for a coffee that isn't as strong. Up to four cups of water per cup of coffee. 

To make Iced Latte: prepare a sugar syrup by mixing one cup of sugar with a half cup of water. Heat it (in the microwave or stove) until the sugar dissolves. Now you have a concentrated simple syrup. Mix three parts coffee with one part milk, add some syrup and mix well. I like to pour it over ice cubes and drink it with a straw. 

With a little practice, you'll find a coffee/ water ratio that suits your taste.


Reem | Simply Reem said...

I love Iced lattes and teas too,
This looks fabulous...
So fresh and perfect for summer.
Thanks for sharing my dear friend, you made it look so simple...

Naomi said...

This looks soooo good, I have to try this! This is gonna save me a lot of 20 min. trips into town to go to Starbucks, ha!

Vicki Bensinger said...

Wow your photo looks so refreshing and I'm sure it tastes that way as well. It's almost midnight here but I'm feeling like a cup now. Thanks for sharing.

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