26 July 2011

Monthly Mingle Stone Fruit Theme: Acerola Juice

I was seven years old when we moved to this house. My parents were still together, it was our first home. Happy times. We used to live in an apartment building with limited space and no backyard before that. 

The previous owner used to raise farm animals, like chickens, in the backyard. Imagine the mess he left. Cages everywhere, plants and a giant Avocado Tree right in the middle of our backyard.

It was all new to my brother and me. A new big backyard to play with, a new big tree to climb and big cages to hide in. 

In the middle of all that, almost at the back of the yard, was this large bush full of bright red fruits. We didn't know what it was, I'd never seen something like it. Eventually my Mom and Dad encouraged us to to try the small fruit. They said they're called Acerola. The big bush was full of them. 
My brother was too chango (like we say here in Puerto Rico) to try it. I immediately dug in! 

They were warm from the sun, and tasted like bitter peaches. They were delicious. 


As time passed, I grew tired of the fruit. The tree had to be cut down because it was growing into our neighbors backyard. We didn't miss the tree.

But as everything does, childhood memories came back every time I saw an Acerola tree. When a few weeks ago I read about the Monthly Mingle, that Sukaina from Sips and Spoonfuls is hosting this month, I know I had to participate. How perfect it is that this month's theme is Stone Fruits! I had to share this Puertorrican recipe with the world.

Immediately after reading Sukaina's post, I called my Grandmother to ask her if there were any Acerola in her backyard. Lucky for me, there were a few to prepare this recipe. But not before I ate some of them right from the tree. Like old times.  

This is my official entry post. 

To make Acerola Juice:

1 cup full of Acerola fruit
1 cup of water
Sugar to taste

-Blend everything in a blender (the whole fruit). 
-Strain it twice to remove the tough parts of the seed. 
-Chill and drink.         


Sukaina said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful childhood. Can't say I've heard of acerolas before but this looks summery and refreshing. Thanks for taking part in Monthly Mingle with me this month!

Karisha@Ruborosa said...

Such a sweet post! Brought childhood memories over here too. Acerolas were all over the backyard of a lady that took care of my sis and I, when we were little. Love'em!

Yadsia @ShopCookMake said...

Acerolas osn parte de todos los puertorriqueños, hasta de los que no les gusta. Es que están en todos lados!

Anonymous said...

We had two Acerola trees in our back yard in Brasil. It's a bit of work getting the juice strained,
but worth it. I love how the Brasilians mix it with fresh orange juice. It's hard to stop drinking!

Omar Jones said...

You will never go wrong in drinking healthy juice recipes.

Estilo de Vida Alcalino said...

Acerola has a lot of benefits for our health, but you´ll ruin everything if you add sugar to your juice. Please don´t do it because sugar can ruin one´s health.

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