13 June 2011

Vanilla and Cinnamon-Swirl Pudding Pops

I still can't believe I didn't know these existed! Pudding Pops? Really? Actual frozen Vanilla Pudding on a stick? 

Really, I had no idea! 

So I made my favorite Vanilla Pudding recipe just to test the pops.

They're creamy, refreshing and delicious. Almost couldn't take the picture because my mom was so anxious to eat one.

I recommend you let them thaw a bit before eating them. The texture is much nicer. 

The strong Cinnamon flavor of the brown swirls make these Pops very special. If you use good quality Cinnamon, the flavor will be almost spicy.

Combine it with the warm Vanilla flavor and you get a satisfying, homemade frozen treat. Don't stop there, try them in all flavors. Banana must be really good.   

This recipe makes 3 Pops. You'll need three, 4 ounce paper cups and three wooden sticks. There will be a little pudding left over. Eat it warm. It's delicious!

*About the sticks and paper cups: There is no need to buy expensive Popsicles Sticks. I use wooden sticks for crafts. You can find them anywhere. If you can't find them, use spoons or forks in place of sticks. Really, anything that can hold the Pop. Also, if you don't have a fancy Popsicle maker, use paper cups. They're easy to peel off and best of all, cheap.  

1.5 cups Whole Milk
3 to 4 tbsp Sugar
1.5 tbsp Corn Starch
1 Egg
1 tsp Vanilla Extract
Pinch of Salt
1/2 tsp Cinnamon

-In a heavy bottomed sauce pan, mix the milk, sugar (to taste), corn starch, egg (yes, a whole egg) and salt. Whisk until well incorporated.

-Cook over medium-low heat until it's warm (about 10 minutes), whisking a few times during the process to make sure the milk doesn't scorch.

-Once it's warm, turn the heat up to medium, and whisk constantly until the pudding has thickened (about 5 minutes). Then, remove from heat.

-Add the vanilla and mix well.

-Wait until it has cooled down a bit (about 20 minutes).

-Take out a 1/4 cup of pudding. Add the Cinnamon to it and mix well (you can use more or less Cinnamon than the recommended amount). It'll turn brown.

-Add a small amount of the Cinnamon mix pudding to each cup (as much as you want, really). This will create the pretty, brown swirls. Freeze it until it has hardened, insert the wooden stick and add some more pudding.

-Alternate the Vanilla and Cinnamon mixes to create the swirls. Let it freeze completely and enjoy. 


dessert girl said...

I love this for so many different reasons! 1) pudding pops, 2) stripes, 3) vanilla and cinnamon. Yum!

katia said...

i definitely just made these, but i didn't have time for the home made pudding so i just used instant sugar-free vanilla and added vanilla extract. i then took a cup out and added roughly about 1-2 table spoons of cinnamon and stuck it all in a plastic cup.

great idea though. i'll see myself in pudding heaven in about 4 hours. :)
OH. and if you use instant pudding mix, it won't drip when thawed. like dairy queen icecreams? they use pudding mix!

Yadi I. said...

Thanks for the tip about pudding mix! I'll recommend it to other people. I can't eat it myself because of the artificial sweeteners.

The Galley Gourmet said...

Mmm--pudding pops. Comfort food for the summer season:) Thanks for the reminder. Beautiful photos and blog!

Anonymous said...

totally making this! cinnamon is good for you, right?! already bookmarked it with my cookmarked.com account.

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