22 June 2011

Finally Summer is here! Not that I'm love with temperatures being over 100 degrees. But I do love a long day at the beach.  

What better way to celebrate than with tomatoes?

They're in season and never disappoint. Even the worst tomato, is still good. That reminds me of a totally different saying, but lets move on. 

For today's lunch I made this delicious Tomato Tart as a side dish to my Chicken Lemon Soup. It was the perfect pairing. Both dishes are incredibly bright, fresh and flavorful. Full of summer flavors. I'll post the recipe for the soup later tonight.

I made it a point to make more Vegetarian dishes. It's healthier and better for the planet. This is my second official Vegetarian recipe.

Meat substitutes taste really good these days. There many brands available in the supermarket. I used Soy Chorizo, which tastes very close to the real thing. I didn't have any soy or rice cheese so instead added dairy cheese. 

There are many excellent soy and rice cheeses in the market. Most of them melt just like dairy cheese. 

One of these days, I'll try to make nut cheese. I saw a recipe for Cashew Cheese that I need to try. 

The recipe is enough for three people if eating as a side dish. 

12 x 9 inch Puff Pastry Sheet
1 big Tomato
2 ounces Soy Chorizo
2 ounces Cheese (any white cheese you like, I used mozzarella)
1 ounce Onion
1/4 tsp dried Oregano
1/4 tsp dried Parsley
Salt and Pepper to taste

-Cut the puff pastry cheese in to a 12 x 9 inch rectangle and transfer it to the baking pan you'll use. 

-Place the chorizo on top of the puff pastry, sprinkle with the oregano and pepper.

-Avoiding the corners, place the cut tomato on top. Cut the onion and place on top of the tomatoes. sprinkle with some salt and the parsley.

-Fold the corners.

-Bake at 350 degrees for 15-20 minutes. Depending on how done you want the tomatoes. I like mine firm.

Serve immediately and enjoy. 

-Yadi I.  

Other delicious Tomato Tarts:


Jun said...

What an easy way to prepare an elegant snack. I love instant puff pastry myself, but it is always disastrous when I pop them into the oven. Somehow some of the layers wouldn't puff.

Your pictures are just lovely.

mai said...

I love anything with puff pastry. LOL I bet this would be awesome with fresh figs too.

Yadi I. @ShopCookMake said...

@ Mai:
I bet the fresh figs would be excellent in this tart!

Amanda said...

Beautiful tart! It reminds me of a light pizza. Oh yum. :)

Karisha said...

All I can say is puff pastry ROCKS!!! Really want to try this one out. Thanks so much for sharing!

Cocinando con Manu CatMan said...

wonderful...and congratulations...you win photoblog...yeah!!! I see the reason now...fantastic blog!!!

athriftyfoodie said...

This looks gorgeous. Would love to eat this right now! Once again your blog amazes me!

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