06 May 2011

My Mom's French Toast

My mom is not an experimental cook. She would always prepare traditional dishes, nothing exotic. But they were always good. This is one of those dishes that she prepares 'her way'. 

To celebrate Mother's Day, I'm sharing it with you. 

My Mom's French Toast are very easy to make, nothing special or groundbreaking. But immensely rich and flavorful.

I have no idea how traditional French Toast are prepared. I've eaten many varieties of this particular dish. Each being very different from the other, from the overly sweet to the bland. 

This recipe only uses ingredients that are already in your fridge: bread, milk, eggs and cinnamon. Make sure to use bread that's not day fresh because it'll fall apart when you dip it in the egg mixture. It feeds two people. 

4 slices of White Sandwich Bread (a few days old)
2 Eggs
1/4 cup Milk
1 tsp Cinnamon
1 tsp Sugar

-Scramble the eggs, then add the rest of the ingredients (except the bread) and mix well. Be careful with the cinnamon, it'll go flying everywhere if you mix too fast at first.

It should look like chocolate milk. 

-Heat a skillet on medium-high heat. Add a little butter when it's hot.

-Dip each slice of bread in the egg mixture for about 6-7 seconds before putting them in the skillet.

-Cook the first side for 4 minutes, then flip to the other side and cook for 3 minutes. Cooking times may vary depending on how hot the skillet is. 

-Pour some syrup on top and enjoy!





kankana said...

I miss eating mom's cooked food. And till date I can never make few of my fav dishes the way she does even after following the recipe step by step :) I tell her she has magic in her hand ...

Rivki Locker (Ordinary Blogger) said...

This is precisely how I make my french toast, but I usually use leftover Challah (which I make every weekend). I love the simplicity of this recipe. Not a lot of fuss, just a lot of flavor!

Yadi I. said...

It's the same way with my mom!

mmmmm Challah, yum.

Mai said...

Ahh, this sounds so simple and amazing. Most French toast recipes are so rich I don't even try to make them but this is a great light recipe. Thanks for sharing. Great food styling and photography too.

Danelle said...

I'd say this is pretty traditional French toast. And why mess with a good thing? This looks perfect. And your photograpy is AMAZING!

Mrs. Stranded said...

The photo is gorgeous! I wish I had that pink fabric underneath.

Yadi I. said...

Mrs. Stranded:
I got it at Walmart! I raid the discount bins to buy lots of fabric scraps.

Holly said...

MMmmm I just love french toast. This sounds great, and your pictures look amazing!

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