31 May 2011

Lemon, Strawberry & Yogurt Popsicles ~ And a Reflection About Photography

I always get nervous when I know I have to photograph a new dish.  A million things go through my mind. What if I can't come up with a new styling idea? What if the lighting is all wrong? What if the props don't match the food? What if the good post-processing genie decides not to visit me today? What if? What if! 

Are you a Blogger? Does that happen to you?

I always try to take the best pictures possible, but that doesn't always happen. Most of the time I think my photos are OK. Very few times, I'm happy with the results: like this one, this one and this one.

It's particularly hard to take a good picture when you don't have a good camera. I have a simple Point & Shoot. It's even worse when the only photo editing program I use is Picnik.      

But the worst part comes a few hours after the post goes live. The dreaded emails from 'food-porn' sites. You know, sites like foodgawker and TasteSpotting (LOVE both sites!). I get this feeling deep in my stomach, that almost doesn't let me breath for the few seconds it takes me to open the email. When I see that my photo was accepted, I get this huge sense of relief. Like I won a prize. Someone likes my picture!

I used to take it very personal when my photos wouldn't get accepted into those sites. But I learned that photography is very subjective. The fact that they made it to the site or not, doesn't define me or my Blog. There have been times when I LOVED a photo that didn't make it into one of the sites: like this one.    

I've learned so much about food and photography in the five months that I've been blogging. Today, I celebrate my fifth month on Blogger. This recipe marks post #64 (two of them aren't recipes). That's 62 recipes that I'm profoundly proud of. 

62 recipes that I hope you try someday. For now, I leave you with the last of those recipes. With this one, I mark the start of Summer.

May you have the most amazing Summer ever and get to share food with your loved ones!


For this recipe you'll need six, 4 ounce paper cups. 

6 ounces Vanilla Yogurt
2 Lemons
5 Strawberries
4 tbsp Sugar (add more if you want it sweeter)
2 cups of cold Water

-Pour two or three tablespoons of yogurt into each cup. It should be about 3/4 inch deep. Insert the wooden stick. Freeze for at least 45 minutes until the yogurt has hardened. 

-In a blender, mix the juice of two lemons, strawberries, water and sugar until liquified. It's ok to have a few strawberry pieces.

-Pour into the cups until completely filled. Freeze for 5 hours or until completely hard.

-Remove from the paper cup by gently peeling the cup off. 



Final Note:
If you have the time, I recommend reading the following posts from other Bloggers about their photography and getting their pictures published.

1. Cropping, Orientation and not letting rejection define your work… -- from Taylor Takes a Taste.

2. The Daring Kitchen Forum Posts

3. The Relationship between Food Bloggers, TasteSpotting & FoodGawker -- from Tastes Better with Friends.


Mrs. Stranded said...

I'm always so impressed with your pictures. Each one is unique and flawless. Kudos to you.

Yadi I. said...

Mrs. Stranded:

Thank you SO much!

Rachel said...

I agree - I always think your pictures are so pretty and wish mine could look as good!

Amy said...

I found your blog through TasteSpotting! :) Couldn't agree with you more about taking pictures for my recipes and submitting them to the food porn sites! I'm also new in blogging and food photography! There are just so much to learn!

Love your photography, by the way.

I'm hosting 2 giveaways on my blog. Come check them out if you're interested. Have a wonderful day.


Vivienne said...

wow 5 months and already over 60 posts! good on you!

i tottally agree with what you said...whenevr i open email from foodgawker i hold my breathe! but you're right...its totally subjective and we shoudlnt take it all personally! :)

Kate@Diethood said...

Your photos are gorgeous!!

I know the feeling ... Foodgawker or Tastespotting can make or break your day. :)

Paula @ Dishing the Divine said...

oh my gosh! We are the same person. I just finished submitting a batch of photos to the tastespottings of the worlds and totally know what you mean about the excitement when they're accepted and the let down when they aren't. I, too, am learning not to take it personally.

On another note, these pops look amazing. Like maybe they want to be a part of the explosion of desserts on this week's line up. Yup, might have to make them *soon*. :)

Jo said...

Congrats on your 5th month of blogging and I must say that you have achieved a lot in this short span of time.

Sarah said...

It's so nice that it's finally the weather for popsicles! These look delicious!

bakerbyNature said...

Popsicles are my new daily reward for putting up with this humidity and heat!

Apron Appeal said...

I will not judge my work against yours or anyone else's. But secretly I'm still going to tell myself that your point and shoot is better than mine. :) Your pictures are really fantastic and not only am I going to read those suggested photography posts, I'm going to study them and take notes. I am such a wannabe food photographer without a CLUE!

Yadi I. said...

Thank you SO MUCH for all your comments! That's really what keeps me going. Good pictures or not, if no one read my posts, there would be no purpose.

Thanks again!

dessert girl said...

I think your pics are gorgeous! I do understand your frustration, though. Sometimes FG and TS reject photos that I love and post photos that I think are boring. It is all subjective. I try to tell myself that, but sometimes I get really frustrated! :-)

kankana said...

Your photos are too awsm and i see your photos in those food sites all the time. You are doing an amazing job. My photos get rejected a lot and i used to get upset and then when I came to know that I am not the only one .. I started feeling better. :)

Slim Paley said...

So SO pretty!!

athriftyfoodie said...

wow! look so lovely and refreshing. Your blog is amazing, I just love the photography so much!

Carmen said...

Hi Yadi, I have seen your photo amongst those participating in the Photo Blog June Event and have come to visit your blog to tell you how impressed I am with its quality.

But then I land here and find myself in your beaufitul blog. I'm so pleased I've bumped into you.

Great recipies and fab photographs.

I'm staying with you :)

Yadi I. @ShopCookMake said...

@ Carmen:
I'm so grateful and humbled by your comment. Thanks for stopping by!

Andrea said...

Yadi I told you I was going to make these pops after the chocolate ones and I did! I had my first one tonight (to try out and to soothe a sore throat... I killed two birds with one stone!) and I loved them! I really liked the use of vanilla yogurt it was a perfect combo :) Thanks again for the recipes!!

Yadi I. @ShopCookMake said...

It makes me so happy that you liked these too! I love them, and I'm glad someone else does too.

zaida said...

Hi Yadi, I´ve also known about you from the Photo Blog June Event and I´m amazed with your blog. And I´m even more happy because one year ago my husband and I decided not to eat meat and two weeks ago we also decided not to eat fish. This is not an easy change and I still strugle a little bit to chose an equilibrated menu every day with tasty plates... Finding your blog has made my day!!!

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