05 April 2011

Strawberry Milk

Doesn't it remind you of your childhood? It looks so pretty. It's Strawberry Milk! 

Made with homemade Strawberry Syrup. None of that bottled stuff. 
I was inspired to make this by a post on The Kitchn. I couldn't wait to try it. During my childhood I never liked chocolate milk, anything chocolate or candy per se. I used to be a weird kid. 

But I've always wanted to try Strawberry Milk, so I bought a bottle of syrup. It was good, not great. As soon as a I saw this recipe, literally ran to the kitchen to make it. 

It's so easy, and it'll only take 10 minutes of your time. I promise!

1 cups sliced frozen Strawberries 
1/2 cup Sugar
1/2 cup Water
1/4 tsp Vanilla (optional)

-In a sauce pan, add the water, sugar and strawberries and boil for 10-12 minutes. The mixture will reduce and thicken a bit. 

-After they're done, strain the mixture. Use the leftover fruit to eat with yogurt or ice cream, don't just throw it away.  

-Wait until it cools , then add 3 tbsp to 8 ounces of chilled milk.


souleating said...

This is awesome! I've often wanted to make this from scratch. Thank you!

JL said...

Aww, I love the pretty pink color!

The Harveys said...

As soon as I saw this on Foodgawker, I immediately ran to the kitchen to make this. Fantabulous!!!!!!! Thanks for the recipe!!!!!

Friday Delights said...

So pretty!

Yadi I. said...

Thank you for the nice comments!
The Strawberry Milk really is delicious. I should try Chocolate Milk very soon.

Anonymous said...

Sounds delicious! Now, do you wait another 10 minutes after you boil the strawberries for 10 minutes before you strain them?

Yadi I. said...

No, you don't have to wait 10 minutes to strain them. If you want, you can wait a few minutes until the strawberries cool a bit before straining them so you don't burn yourself. But I didn't wait to do that.

Rivki Locker (Ordinary Blogger) said...

I just came across your site through La Buena Vida and am so glad I did. What a beautiful photo. Yes, this TOTALLY reminds me of my childhood. My kids, of course, think strawberry milk sounds HORRIBLE, but I have such fond memories of it (out of a mix, not made fresh). This looks LOVELY.

Vivienne said...

my earliest childhood memory was buying strawberry milk from the school canteen...my absolutely favourite! (i stayed away from chocolate as a child too lol).

love how your milk has froth/bubble on it!!! :D

Heather said...

Mmmm...strawberry milk (or berberberry milk as my nephew calls it). And made with real strawberries, to boot! This is really lovely.

Bourbonnatrix said...

i know an almost 4 y/o who would love this. thanks for the recipe!

Jennifer said...

Wow. I can't believe how easy this is!

dessert girl said...

Ha, so funny. I saw the picture and instantly thought, oh, strawberry milk, that's reminds me sooo much of childhood. Then I saw your comment below the photo! Btw, everything on your site looks so yummy!

Anonymous said...

Just made it, I went further and pureed the strawberries with the syrup. Delicious, thanks so much for sharing.

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