03 April 2011


On a beautiful Sunday evening here in the tropics, I'm roasting Garlic. 

I stayed home today to play in the Kitchen. For lunch, I made Nachos. It was my first time frying my own tortilla chips. They were so much better than the packaged kind.

I will update this post after the Garlic finishes roasting on the oven. 
Have a great Sunday!


Karina said...

Your blog is great and love the photos!

I have a question for you and I'm sooo hoping you respond. =)

Whenever I'm in Puerto Rico I NEED to have the oatmeal, it tastes so good. Would you share the recipe? Please and many thanks!

Yadi I. said...

Hi, Karina! Thanks for the compliments.

Oatmeal? Do you mean the one made with milk and cinnamon? I'm a little confused.

Karina said...

Sorry to be so vague!! I don't know how oatmeal is made differently in Puerto Rico, I just know I love it!! I asked one time I was there but because of the language barrier it was hard to understand. I thought they put coconut milk or condensed milk, maybe vanilla and..?

Yadi I. said...

Now, I know what you mean! We make it using only milk, no water added. I'll make some later and take some pictures to send you with the recipe.

Karina said...

Thank you Yadi!

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