12 February 2011

Do-It-Yourself Chocolate Bark

      The other day I was thinking about an episode of the show Friends. The one when  Chandler and Monica decide to give each other homemade gifts for Valentine’s Day that year. It was a complete disaster. Monica gave Chandler an ugly ‘sock bunny’ that Phoebe had made, while chandler gave Monica a re-gifted mixed tape. It got me thinking that homemade gifts are almost always really bad when done on a whim, but it doesn’t have to be.

You can’t go wrong with homemade candy as gifts for Valentine’s Day. Since I’m hosting a dinner for my friends and family on monday, I thought this chocolate bark would be a great idea for a ‘thanks for coming’ gift.
      Turns out it’s super easy and you can buy all ingredients premade, no cooking. Use any type of chocolate, nuts or dried fruit you like.   

      I don’t have special chocolate making equipment at home and this is my first time making chocolate bark. That being said, I’m not trying to teach you any techniques, just how I did it.

8 ounces Dark Chocolate
3 tbsp dried Cranberries
¼ cup Mixed Nuts
Cooking Spray and an 8x8 inch dinner plate

-Spray the plate with cooking spray and set aside.

-Chop the dried fruit and nuts. Set aside.

-Chop the chocolate and put in a microwave safe dish to start melting it. Do it in 30 second batches for up to one and a half minutes stirring between batches.

-Once melted, pour into the plate and smooth the top.

-Scatter the fruit on top of the chocolate, then the nuts. Press them lightly to make sure they stick to the chocolate.

-Put it in the fridge until hardened.

-If the chocolate is too hard and sticking to the plate, wait 2 or 3 minutes before trying to cut it. Then break it with your hands.    


Christine said...

Looks beautiful! I love how simple it is :) It would be so pretty wrapped up with cellophane and ribbon as cute gifts :)

Karina said...

Found you from Katie Brown's blog, I'm a new follower. What a beautiful blog, great photos and yummy recipes!

Vivienne said...

looks so festive and bright! a great way to fancy up some chocolates :)

mybeautifuldisasters said...

Ohh yum this looks like a perfect thing to grab from the fridge when you have those "need chocolate!" moments

Andie said...

This looks really good and easy to make, but what are the cranberries for? Sorry if it's a silly question.

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