11 January 2011

11 Food Resolutions for 2011 & Ricotta Cheese Recipe

Two weeks ago I read a very interesting article about food resolutions in the Huffington Post. Even though I made my own resolutions for this new year for the first time in my life, I thought it might be interesting if I made resolutions specific to food.  

Why eleven resolutions? Well, today is 1/11/2011. To keep with the current numbers theme, eleven resolutions sounded better than ten. They're not in a particular order, except for the first three.

Here they are:

1. Cook more. This shouldn't be a problem since I write a food blog. 

2. Eat real food. It means no more fast food. By fast food I mean the really bad kind. I'll still go out for dinner. But instead of choosing chicken fingers and fries, roasted chicken and vegetables will be in my plate more often. 

3. Eat fresh foods. No processed junk. This one isn't so hard since I already skip the boxed and canned foods. I will introduce more fresh fruits and veggies.

4. Cook from scratch. This one is a continuation of the first three. It means that instead of going the Sandra Lee way, I won't be using the help of canned stock and seasonings. 

5. Experiment with food. I'm going to start using never before used ingredients. Like beets, anchovies, sea food and lettuce. 

6. Try new cuisines. In the past I've relied in the few tried and true like chinese and italian. This year I'm going international.

7. Learn how to make good stock. The clue here is in the word 'good'. I've made stock before, but it wasn't good.

8. Start a garden. I took this right off that article. Fresh herbs are expensive.

9. Go on a picnic. I've never been in one.

10. Make Sufle. It scares me!

11. Learn hot to bake with Whole Wheat Flour. There is too much white flour in my diet.

What are yours? 


Finally, lets get to the recipe. This is my first time making ricotta and won't be the last one. It's sweeter, richer and creamier than the stuff you get at the supermarket. Plus it's super easy and fun.

I realize this is not the traditional way, but it's the easiest. Ricotta is made from the whey left from making mozzarella. I tried to get some Ricotta from whey once, but all I got was a big mess in the kitchen.


4 cups Milk (skim or whole)
1 cup Heavy Cream
2 tbsp FRESH Lemon Juice
1/2 tsp Salt (optional)


-Mix the milk and heavy cream in a sauce pan and heat until almost boiling.

-Lower the heat to medium, then add the lemon juice and stir for two minutes. 

-It'll start to curdle as soon as you add the lemon juice.

-After two minutes of stirring over medium heat, strain in a colander using a cheese cloth or any other fine fabric you have available (I used a handy wipe). Let it drain for about 15 minutes, or until it has the consistency you want. You may want it drier. 

-Store in the fridge for up to 4 days. 


livininthekitchen said...

Oh my gosh, the ice cream in the mug is genius and the flower is plain out adorable. Lovin' it!
Jess : )

Dina said...

wow that ricotta looks delish, so creamy! i want to try to make my own as well--that's onen of my 2011 food resolutions!

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